Our team of dedicated legal professionals is  well-versed in many specialized areas. We will not advocate for you in an area we are not experienced in. Our team brings a diverse background to the table, allowing us to advocate for you in many areas of law. This gives Foley & Foley, P.C. an edge when dealing with complex legal matters.

Often, more than one area of expertise is required.  No need to hire a multitude of attorneys. We can provide you with comprehensive legal support in many areas.

•  Adoption

•  Asset Protection

•  Auto Accident

•  Child Support



•  Personal Injury

•  Probate

•  Products Liability

•  Wills and Estates

•  Civil Litigation

•  Contracts

•  Criminal Defense

•  Custody/Visitation



•  Divorce


•  Family Law

•  Medical Malpractice



Once you hire Foley & Foley, P.C., you are no longer alone.  We know family law issues can cause significant confusion and anxiety.  The future seems uncertain and that is stressful.  We are here to help.  Here are Foley and Foley, we are committed to supporting you during this difficult time, guiding you through this complex situation, protecting your family and financial interests, and aggressively fighting for your goals.  Together, we will evaluate your case, explain what to expect, and identify your options.  It is our philosophy to work diligently on your behalf at all times and to reach the best resolution as early on in the process as possible with the most cost effective options.  Whether your Family Law concerns involve divorce, equitable distribution, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, child support, adoption, or any combination thereof, we have the professional experience, compassion, and drive to provide you with the best possible representation at all stages of the process.  Our Attorneys have been practicing Family Law in all the Juvenile and Circuit Courts in the Hampton Roads area for over a decade.  We are routinely protecting and arguing for our clients’ interests in all manner of different Family Law cases.  Please contact us to discuss how we take care of the legal work so you can take care of yourself and your family.  Please contact us at (757) 965-8773 to discuss how we can help.


Traffic violations should not be taken lightly.  A conviction can result in an increase to your insurance rates, the imposition of sizable fines, have a negative impact on your driving record, and even result in a suspension or revocation of your privilege to drive.  By entrusting Foley & Foley, P.C. with your case, you are hiring attorneys that we will fully investigate the alleged infraction for errors, fight for your rights, and actively work towards the dismissal or reduction of your violation.  Our attorneys have the experience in some of Virginia’s busiest traffic courts to work closely with the arresting officers and the court to reach the best possible resolution for our clients. We offer affordable flat rate fee arrangements for all alleged traffic violations.  Please contact our office today at (757) 965-8773 to discuss how we can help you.


Facing the uncertainty of the criminal process can be daunting, but you do not have to defend yourself alone.  Our attorneys are dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire judicial process, from arraignments, bond hearings, preliminary hearings, and pre-trial motions to contested trials (whether in front of a judge or jury), sentencing and appeals.  We believe each case is unique and will walk you through your reasonable and objective expectations under your specific circumstances.  Using our knowledge and expertise, we will guide you through your options and prepare you for trial.  Together we will meticulously analyze the specifics of your case and formulate a strategy to obtain the best outcome for you.  Our representation style is aggressive and focused.  We will fight for your rights and fight for a just conclusion to your case.  We offer affordable flat rate fee arrangements for most criminal matters.  Please contact us at (757) 965-8773 to discuss how we can help you.


Our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals and corporations in all stages of civil litigation, including filing/defending the original pleadings, taking and defending depositions of parties and witness, drafting discovery, motions and briefs, and presenting our client’s case during oral arguments, trial or appeals. Our experiences range from the representation of large national corporations, including Fortune 500 corporations, in contentious litigation in state and federal courts across the country, to representing individuals and small local corporations in Hampton Roads courts. Our attorneys have argued in every local Circuit Court, as well as before Virginia’s appellate courts. We can offer you the advice, guidance and support that will assist you in navigating your way through the difficult and uncertain landscape of civil litigation. We provide our clients with written status updates throughout the litigation process to insure that our attorneys and our clients are on the same page regarding the goals, objectives and anticipated resolutions at every stage of the litigation process. As with every representation we undertake, our clients are provided an option for by-the-hour legal representation or representation under a flat-rate fee arrangement. Please contact one of our attorneys directly to set up a consultation.


Our attorneys help you plan properly and accordingly, in the form of Wills and Trusts, to ensure that the financial gains you’ve striven to achieve in your lifetime will continue to benefit your family after you are gone. We will work closely with you to put together a plan that insures your family’s stability and financial solvency after you are gone.


If you or someone you know and care for has become an accident victim as the result of someone else’s negligence, please contact us immediately. As a victim of such negligence, you, or your friends or family, are entitled to fair compensation for the injuries and financial losses incurred. Our lawyers have the experience, knowledge and dedication to stand with you and provide you the legal representation you deserve. Please contact one of our attorneys directly to set up a free consultation.


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